“I’ve been with a hundred men and I’ve found that the less love enters the better time I have in bed.”

“Why so many? Wouldn’t one be enough?”

“I have yet to meet a man who can quench my thirst. I’m looking for a man as strong as I am, stronger than meat, than liquor, a man brave as a frightened mother, with a heart hard as tooth. The hearts of men are too easily stolen, they are not vigilant in guarding the gates of their ribs and my thieving fingers can always reach beneath the sternum and snatch it.”

“What do you do with their hearts?”

“I eat them.”

- The Book of Flying, by Keith Miller.

This is how I feel tonight. The eater of hearts, the destroyer of worlds. And it’s the most terrible feeling in the universe.

  1. dionysian-light said: I think I know someone who must feel like that. I love them, actually. As terrible as I’ve felt these past couple of years, she must feel terrible too, maybe more terrible, eater of hearts, destroyer of worlds. Ain’t none of it easy.
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